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Please remember this is a free hosted service in the spirit of the open source software that runs the service, there is no advertising as of yet and we make no request for donations. We do not control the release or reimburse of any funds or transactions. We, the WBiD admins, will support any needed decision making in the event of a dispute. Any unreasonable behavior will result in a ban; this carries some limited weight should the buyer or seller has a vested interest in keeping their current user reputation and/or auctions. Any feedback proven to be clearly unfair will be removed. . Any auctions whereby the content could be illegal or questionably illegal will be removed without debate. It is at the sellers and buyers own agreements that they are satisfied to progress with the relevant transactions outside this auctioning application. Any clear attempts to scam either a buyer or seller will receive the full support of WBiD in attempting to resolve or reporting to the relevant authorities.